Conscious Marketing & Networking


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Conscious Marketing - 29th March 2018 @ Redbrick Building, Glastonbury




Get MORE from your Marketing in 2018!


Learn how to get more enjoyment, connection, leads and a sense of purpose from your networking.

Conscious Marketing Training Can Enable You To:

  • talk about your business so you switch people on ~ not turn them off
  • maximise your marketing by copying mother nature‚Äôs tried and tested ways
  • align to your core values so you remain authentic and productive no matter where you network and who you network with
  • seamlessly integrate your networking efforts with your overall marketing and strategy
  • become more resilient so you avoid networking burn out and  feel nourished and sustained each time you network
  • develop healthier boundaries so you give sincerely but also know when and how to walk away
  • learn how to give back to your community, contribute to others and raise your profile, while making friends and having fun


David developed Conscious Marketing over a 12 year period and has taught 1000s of business owners, social enterprises and charities of all sizes across the country including 8 years delivering on the Lloyds School of Social Entrepreneur programmes and lecturing at the University of Exeter One Planet MBA and Plymouth University Business Schools.


More info on conscious networking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kgz4pRix2k&t=11s

Glastonbury Community Networking:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1999943300221721/





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