Conscious Marketing & Life Purpose Coaching

As an artist I rely on my creativity which unfortunately doesn’t flow well during times when I’m stressed and low. Working with Dave however, created a powerful shift for me. He helped me clean up some murky boundaries I had with others and sort through priorities so that I felt clear and light and things started to flow again. Being in this space enabled me to have a surprisingly profitable Art’s Trail whilst generating lots of interest in my work; it also gave me the confidence to successfully run my first art workshop and to step up and start networking again. He helped me develop stronger resources in myself for my challenging times and was extremely supportive in a way that previous coaches were unable to be, and in doing so helped me free up aspects of myself that were really stuck. His help has been invaluable!"                                                 Natasha Alexander - Artist

"I just wanted to let you know that since the 2 sessions I had with you, that I have now had great success renting out my venue. The studio is booked out every weekend through the winter and the main accomodation is booked up all year already including a honeymoon on Valentines Day! Given I didn't have a single booking before we started working together, I am really impressed with how quickly you were able to help me turnaround my business. Thank you."                         Oshi Owen - Owner Felin Fields


"The work I did with David's support and guidance enabled me to really recognise and begin to shift negative patterns of behaviour. What started as a simple enquiry into mindfulness and emotional resilience, soon developed into an in-depth journey of spirit and purpose. David is an insightful guide who supported me on a journey to knowing my self better. His calm reassuring approach enabled me to get to grips with blocks in my life and make changes where I previously saw insurmountable challenges. David taught me simple, powerful, breathing techniques and resourced me with other tools to call upon at any moment, in any place, to help me centre myself. When I look back on all I have achieved; getting in touch with my emotions/deeply held beliefs, has helped me move forward in life. It has been an inspiring journey. I can do it, so can you!"                      Emily Burnell


"Thank you…..your course was very timely for most students.  The group certainly did ‘move on’ and found your session gave them permission to be themselves, whilst understanding the key elements of marketing and getting their message across – just hit the right spot, thank you!"                                        Sheena Leaf – Programme Manager Dartington School of Social Entrepreneurs
"David you helped me more than a hundred therapists helped me in 30 years, today, actually! I would recommend you any time, and deeply respect your help, knowledge and foresight of how things can be. Again, gratitude and respect for helping me personally so profoundly."                                                                                                                                              Rachel Harding
“This has been a six week course of joy. Starting with not having a clue what to expect, thinking I was quite totally balanced to ending up realising that there are deep hidden things that have and can be an encumbrance to one’s life and it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to lift oneself out of these feelings.”                                                                             Linda
"I would recommend David’s work unreservedly to anyone who is experiencing blockages in their relationships or work as he gets to the core issue remarkably quickly and helps resolve them."                                                                                 Kantinan Oakley  
“David – you achieved in 5 weeks what it has taken a lifetime to put in place, that is to help me find my inner self and deal with it all in a practical way. 10/10.”                                                                                                                                              Paul


"I had suffered with anxiety on a daily basis from childhood, as an adult it really got in the way of life on occasions where I felt out of control. I was fortunate enough to find David and after his session, I began to be able to understand the underlieing causes of my anxiety which helped me to dissolve it. With a further session, we were able to identify periods in my life where it originated, and as we cleared them through the deep soul embodiment meditations, I felt a huge weight lift off me.

David has given me the tools to continue to cope in a very busy and sometimes unkind world.  Two of my teenage sons have also received individual coaching sessions with equally life changing results. I can’t recommend Dave enough        Kirsty




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